Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are made from natural rubber. These gloves offer good protection against transfer of bacteria and viruses. Plus points are comfortable and flexible. Latex gloves are not suitable for people with a latex allergy. The nitrile gloves are an alternative. They can also not be used in combination with oil and fat.
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Latex Gloves: Protection and comfort

Latex gloves have found a permanent place in many professions and industries over the years. These gloves are known for their durability, elasticity and excellent fit, which provides both protection and comfort. But what makes latex gloves so special, and why do they meet so many standards? Let's investigate this further.

Why choose latex gloves?

Latex, a natural rubber, offers a number of unique benefits that make it an ideal choice for gloves. Firstly, it offers an excellent fit that molds to the hand, increasing wearing comfort and dexterity. This is especially beneficial for professions where precision and feeling are required. In addition, latex provides a natural barrier against bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. The material is also resistant to many chemicals, making it a safe choice for laboratories and other environments where chemical exposure is possible.

The standards explained in the field of disposable gloves

When we talk about protective clothing and equipment, standards are crucial. They assure users of a certain level of protection and quality. Latex gloves that meet standards such as EN455-1 to EN455-4 guarantee that they are suitable for medical purposes. These standards test for aspects such as the absence of holes, physical properties, biological evaluations and shelf life. The standards EN374-1 to EN374-3 guarantee that the gloves provide protection against chemicals and micro-organisms. This is especially important in industrial and laboratory settings. EN420 and EN388 are standards that define the general requirements and physical properties of protective gloves respectively. The AQL 1.5 certificate, which stands for 'Acceptable Quality Level', ensures that there is a minimum risk of defects, where 1.5 refers to the maximum percentage of gloves that may have defects in a batch.

Which professions choose latex gloves?

Due to their versatile protective properties, latex gloves have become the preferred choice for a range of professions. Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and dentists wear them every day to protect both themselves and their patients from possible infections. In laboratories, latex gloves provide protection against chemicals and reagents. They are also widely used in the food processing industry, cleaning services and in the beauty and hair care industry. In fact, there are few industries where latex gloves are not used for their proven protection and comfort properties.

The benefits of latex at a glance

The popularity of latex gloves is not only due to their protective properties. They are also lightweight, meaning they do not hinder hand movement. Thanks to their elastic nature, they easily adapt to the shape of the hand, resulting in a comfortable fit and reduced hand fatigue, especially during prolonged use.

Latex gloves at

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