Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are made of PVC. These gloves offer good protection against transfer of bacteria and viruses. Plus points are comfortable and flexible. In addition, vinyl gloves are resistant to oil, grease and acids and bases (note: vinyl gloves are not resistant to solvents and ketones). The nitrile gloves are an alternative.
Vinyl gloves at Our vinyl gloves consist of high-quality disposables with a perfect fit and optimum hygiene. Our vinyl gloves are used in, among other things, the food industry and healthcare. They are available in various colors (blue, white), sizes (XS to XL) and types (powdered, powdered). For all vinyl gloves, has the required documentation available.

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Vinyl gloves: The perfect balance between comfort and protection

Vinyl gloves have gained popularity in recent years as one of the most widely used protective equipment in various sectors. Known for their flexibility and comfort, these gloves are an excellent alternative to latex and nitrile. They provide a good degree of protection against daily risks and are particularly popular in industries where non-sterile protection is sufficient. With color options such as classic white and striking blue, vinyl gloves also fit aesthetically into a variety of professional environments.

Why choose vinyl gloves?

Vinyl gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plasticizers that improve the flexibility of the material. This gives them a slightly stretchy character and ensures a comfortable fit. The top reasons why professionals choose vinyl are: Allergy Free: For those who experience allergic reactions with latex gloves, vinyl gloves are a boon. They do not contain latex proteins and therefore reduce the risk of allergies. Cost-effective: Compared to nitrile or latex gloves, vinyl gloves are often cheaper, making them an attractive option for tasks that require frequent glove changes. Supple and Comfortable: Vinyl gloves conform well to the shape of the hand, giving a soft and comfortable feeling when worn.

For which professions are Vinyl gloves suitable?

Thanks to their versatile properties, vinyl gloves are suitable for a wide range of applications and professions. They are commonly used in: Food Processing and Catering: Due to their food safety and ability to prevent cross-contamination. Cleaning services: Where protection against mild chemicals and cleaning agents is required. Beauty and Hair Care: Vinyl gloves protect both the professional and the customer against possible contamination. Retail: Particularly in tasks such as handling fruits and vegetables or preparing fresh food.

Top brands: CMT, Diamond and Instantcare

When it comes to quality, performance and reliability, there are a few brands that stand out in the field of vinyl gloves. CMT has built a reputation for providing high-quality gloves designed for maximum protection and comfort. Whether it concerns food handling or cleaning work, CMT has a solution that fits. Diamond gloves combine durability with an excellent fit, making them a popular choice among professionals who need to wear gloves for extended periods of time. Instantcare is another reliable brand that guarantees quality and protection. They are designed for single use and provide an excellent barrier against possible contamination.

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