Wound cleaning

Wound cleaning

Got a wound? Help your body recover with our wound cleansing products.

We offer a wide range of disinfection and hygiene products from well-known brands such as: Sterillium, Betadine, CMT, Purell, Unicura, Dettol, Salvequick, Hibicet, Hansaplast, HEKA and Hartmann. Place a bottle of disinfectant next to your first aid kit for a hygienic environment.

Wound cleaning: Buy well-known brands such as Betadine, Hansalast or Salvequick

A wound, no matter how small or innocent, can quickly cause complications if it is not cleaned correctly and in a timely manner. The importance of wound cleansing cannot be underestimated, especially as it helps prevent infections and speeds up the skin's natural healing process. With the development of medical technology, several effective products are now available for wound cleaning. In this article we highlight some of the top brands in the industry: Betadine, Salvequick, Elastoplast and HeltiQ.

Betadine cleansing: More than just a brand name

Betadine has been known for years as a reliable means of disinfecting and cleaning wounds. The active ingredient, povidone iodine, is known for its broad antiseptic properties, making it effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Betadine has a mild effect on the skin, making it suitable even for sensitive skin. But what else can you use Betadine for? In addition to treating cuts, scrapes and burns, it is also useful for cleaning surgical wounds and even preventing infections in the throat from strep throat infections.

Salvequick cleaning wipes: Cleaning on the go

For those who are often on the go, whether through work or leisure, Salvequick cleansing wipes offer a quick and convenient solution for wound care. These wipes are infused with a special solution that effectively removes germs and dirt from the skin. They are conveniently packaged so you can easily put them in your bag, car or even in your pocket, so you are always prepared for unexpected injuries.

Hansaplast Wound Spray: Immediate protection in spray form

Hansaplast, a name synonymous with plasters and wound care, also has an innovative wound spray in their range. This spray is designed to provide immediate protection against infection by creating a protective layer over the wound. The advantage of using a spray is that it allows a contactless application, which is especially useful for painful or sensitive wounds.

HeltiQ Wound Spray: For thorough cleaning

HeltiQ wound spray, another reliable brand in wound care, provides thorough cleaning of wounds to minimize the risk of infections. It not only provides effective cleaning but also promotes faster healing. Furthermore, the HeltiQ wound spray is gentle on the skin and free of harsh chemicals, making it a good choice for all skin types.

Wound cleaning at schoonmaak-centrum.nl

At schoonmaak-centrum.nl we understand the importance of effective wound cleansing. Whether you are looking for a product for everyday use or need a solution for unexpected wounds during outdoor activities, our range offers something for every need. Our range includes top brands such as Betadine, Salvequick, Elastoplast and HeltiQ, so you are assured of quality products that really work. Visit schoonmaak-centrum.nl today and discover our extensive range of wound cleansing products that will help you heal quickly and safely.