Hansaplast Wound Spray 50ml

Hansaplast Wound Spray 50ml

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Elastoplast Wound Spray
Even superficial wounds can become infected if not cleaned effectively. Cleaning the wound is an essential first step for optimal healing and is recommended for all types of wounds.

- Spray for disinfecting wound cleaning
- Effectively protects against infections
- Fast and painless application
- The colorless formula does not stain clothes
- The easy-to-use spray also works upside down
- Very skin-friendly

Elastoplast Wound Spray is an easy-to-use spray for the disinfectant cleaning of small acute wounds such as cuts, abrasions, first and minor second degree burns and open blisters. The spray can also be used for chronic wounds and post-operative wound care as directed by your physician. The Elastoplast Wound Spray also helps to remove crusts or clots. The spray is alcohol-free, does not sting during application and does not dry out the skin. Elastoplast Wound Spray is a pain-free and effective way to clean wounds from dirt and bacteria and prevents infections of the wound.

The solution is transparent, so it will not stain clothing such as colored products containing iodine or eosin, for example.

Skin-friendly and suitable for children, Elastoplast Wound Spray is an effective and gentle way to support the wound healing process. The Hansaplast Wound Spray's handy spray bottle works well in any corner, making it ideal for on-the-go, first aid, sports and outdoor activities.

For disinfecting wound cleaning.

0.1% Decyl glucoside, 0.04% Polihexanide (PHMB) in Ringer's solution.

Stop the bleeding. Spray from about 10 cm on the wound to remove all dirt and visible particles. Repeat if necessary. Gently dry the wound and surrounding skin. Bonded dressings can be moistened for easy removal.

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