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The extensive world of hygiene and disinfection

In a world where cleanliness and hygiene are crucial, it is essential to use top quality products. From simply washing our hands to disinfecting medical instruments, each step requires its own specialized solution. In this guide, we dive deeper into the extensive product categories that contribute to a more hygienic world: soap, instrument cleaning, surface cleaning, disinfection, hand disinfection and wound cleaning.

Soap: The beginning of hygiene

Washing is the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses. Baktolin Pure and Baktolin Sensitive are gentle soaps, ideal for frequent washing without drying out the skin. They provide effective cleansing while also caring for the skin. Unicura, on the other hand, is known for its antibacterial properties, meaning it not only cleans but also protects.

Instrument cleaning: Precision and care

In medical and professional settings, instruments must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent cross-contamination. Helipur and Bomix are leading instrument cleaning solutions, designed to remove stubborn dirt and microorganisms without damaging the instruments. Alcohol ketonatus, on the other hand, is a versatile cleaning alcohol used for both disinfection and cleaning.

Surface cleaning: More than just clean

A clean surface is not always a hygienic surface. Sanet products provide thorough cleaning of various surfaces, from bathroom tiles to kitchen countertops. The Tana & range Greencare from Werner & Metz combines effective cleaning with environmentally friendly ingredients, giving users a sustainable choice without sacrificing cleaning power.

Disinfection: The ultimate level of cleanliness

Disinfecting goes a step further than just cleaning. Hibicet is a proven disinfection solution, ideal for medical and surgical applications. For times when quick action is required, Alkotip disinfectant wipes provide a fast and effective way to disinfect surfaces without the need for liquid solutions.

Hand disinfection: For when soap alone is not enough

In situations where soap and water are not available, or when an extra level of protection is desired, hand disinfection comes into the picture. Sterillium is a leading hand sanitizing solution, known for its fast action and moisturizing properties, leaving hands not only free of germs but also feeling soft and cared for. Sterillium is available in different units and in the form of lotion or gel.

Wound cleansing: Ensuring recovery

Any wound, no matter how small, requires careful cleaning to prevent infection. Betadine solution is an antiseptic liquid that has been trusted by professionals for years to effectively clean wounds. For those who need a thorough exfoliation, the betadine scrub provides a more intensive cleansing solution. HEKA cleansing fluid rounds out the category as a mild alternative for sensitive skin.

At schoonmaak-centrum.nl we understand the importance of quality hygiene and disinfection products. We are proud to offer an extensive range of products that meet the needs of both professionals and everyday users. Whether you're looking for a reliable soap for everyday use, a strong disinfectant solution for your practice, or an effective wound cleanser, schoonmaak-centrum.nl has it all. Take a look at our webshop today and discover the many ways we contribute to a cleaner, safer world.