Betadine disinfection ointment gauze 1st

Betadine disinfection ointment gauze 1st

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Betadine disinfection ointment gauze 1st Betadine Disinfection ointment gauze is a wound gauze im.....


Buy Betadine ointment gauze? Powerful wound care for a fast recovery!

Are you considering purchasing Betadine Ointment Gauze? A smart decision! Betadine Ointment Gauze provides effective and reliable wound care to promote a quick and safe recovery. Betadine Disinfection Ointment Gauze therefore also has a disinfecting effect. The disinfection ointment gauze can be used to clean, treat or prevent infections from superficial burns, cuts or abrasions.

Why and when do you choose Betadine ointment gauze?

Betadine is a well-known and trusted brand in wound care and offers countless benefits:

  • Disinfection and protection : Betadine ointment gauze contains the powerful disinfectant povidone iodine. It protects wounds against bacteria, viruses and fungi, preventing infections. (CAUTION! Do not use this product if you have a medically diagnosed overactive thyroid gland)

  • Prevents adhesion : Thanks to the oily base of the ointment gauze, it does not stick to the wound. This prevents unnecessary pain and adhesion when replacing the gauze.

  • Promotes recovery : Betadine Ointment Gauze promotes the natural healing process of the skin, making wounds heal faster and more efficiently.

How do you use Betadine ointment gauze?

Using Betadine Ointment Gauze is easy:

  1. Clean the wound carefully with water
  2. Gently pat the wound dry with a gauze pad
  3. Place Betadine ointment gauze on the wound.
  4. Secure the gauze with an adhesive plaster or bandage.

Replace the Betadine Ointment Gauze regularly as directed by your healthcare provider.

Order your Betadine ointment gauze now

Give your wounds the best care with Betadine Ointment Gauze. This product is ideal for cuts, scrapes and other minor injuries. Choose reliable wound care with the trusted Betadine brand. Order now and assure yourself of a fast and effective recovery, where and when you need it!

Specifications Betadine Ointment Gauze 10 x 10 cm

  • Contents: 1x compress
  • Brand: Betadine
  • Size compress: 10 x 10 cm
  • Composition: One milliliter of Betadine ointment gauze contains 100 mg of povidone iodine. - The other ingredients (excipients) are disodium phosphate (E339), lauromacrogols (polyoxyethylene lauryl alcohol ether), glycerol (E422), sodium hydroxide (E524), citric acid (E330), potassium iodate and purified water.
  • ZI number: 15226077

10 x 10 cm
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