Hansaplast Classic 1 m x 6 cm

Hansaplast Classic 1 mx 6 cm

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Hansaplast Classic textile tissue plasters are suitable for covering all types of small wounds


Hansaplast Classic Plasters - For Reliable Protection

Whether for minor scrapes, cuts or wounds, Hansaplast Classic Plasters have been providing trusted protection and healing for decades. With the innovative design and durable materials, the Hansaplast plasters are an indispensable addition to a first aid kit or for home use.

The Advantages of Hansaplast Classic Plasters

Hansaplast Classic Plasters have numerous advantages that distinguish them from other plasters on the market. Firstly, they are made of high-quality materials, including textile patches that feel soft against the skin. This ensures a comfortable fit and minimizes irritation, even when worn for extended periods. In addition, these patches are water resistant, meaning they stay in place even when in contact with water. Another advantage is the reliable adhesive power of Hansaplast Classic Plasters. The strong adhesive ensures that the plaster stays firmly in place, so that your wound can heal undisturbed. These patches are ideal for everyday use and for situations involving movement and activity. The Hansaplast plasters are available in different sizes or as a plaster roll

Why buy Hansaplast?

Hansaplast is a name synonymous with quality and innovation in wound care. With decades of experience, Hansaplast has proven to be a reliable partner for people all over the world. The brand is trusted by healthcare professionals and appreciated by individuals for home use. Hansaplast continues to lead the way thanks to continuous product development and innovation. This means that when you choose Hansaplast, you choose the latest technologies and materials that provide optimal healing and protection.

How do I use Hansaplast Plasters?

The use of Hansaplast Classic Plasters is simple and effective. Start by cleaning and drying the wound area. Then carefully peel off the protective liner from the patch to expose the sticky side. Place the plaster over the wound and press firmly to ensure it adheres well. Hansaplast Classic Plasters are suitable for daily use and can be worn until the wound has completely healed. They can also be safely worn during everyday activities, even while showering, thanks to their water resistance. Make sure that the wound is cleaned before using the plaster with the Hansaplast Wound Spray.

Buy Hansaplast Classic Plasters

Choose the reliable protection and healing of Hansaplast Classic Plasters. Order today and make sure you always have the best wound care at your fingertips. With their comfortable textile plasters and durable design, Hansaplast Classic Plasters are the ideal choice for you and your family. Don't skimp on quality when it comes to wound care - choose Hansaplast.

Specification Hansaplast Classic 1 mx 6 cm

  • Dimensions: 1 m x 6 cm
  • Air permeable
  • Includes non-adherent wound pad
  • Easy to cut to size with bandage scissors
  • Strong adhesive force
100 mm x 60 mm
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Hansaplast Classic
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