HeltiQ Eye and Wound Spray 100ml

HeltiQ Eye and Wound Spray 100ml

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Wound spray for hygienic cleaning of dust and dirt from the eyes and wounds. For the disinfectant cleaning of acute wounds such as cuts, abrasions and minor burns. Packed in a 100ml bottle.


Buy HeltiQ eye and wound spray - Simple and effective wound care, always within reach!

HeltiQ Eye & Wound Spray is a ready-to-use rinse that removes foreign substances from the eye or wounds. The soft and fine mist of this sterile spray ensures that you can clean and rinse the eye or wound painlessly, without touching the painful area. Because you remove the dirt and dust, you reduce irritation and the wound healing process starts better.

HeltiQ Eye & Wound Spray can be used at?

  • Inflamed, taped eyes;
  • Eye irritations in babies, children and adults
  • Wounds that are caused by, for example, minor accidents in and around the house.

What is the advantage of the HeltiQ Wound Spray?

  • 2 in 1 spray for both the eyes and small wounds
  • Hypoallergenic Spray
  • Sterile packaged

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