Plaster strips Water-repellent assorted 1x20ST
Plaster strips Water-repellent assorted 1x20ST
Plaster strips Water-repellent assorted 1x20ST
Plaster strips Water-repellent assorted 1x20ST

Plaster strips Water-repellent assorted 1x20ST

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Water-repellent plaster strips assorted. Package contains 20 pieces..........


Buy waterproof plaster? Discover the benefits of water-repellent plasters!

Why waterproof plasters?

Instantcare water repellent plasters are a must-have for anyone who is active and doesn't want to be restricted by minor injuries. Whether you are enjoying a refreshing swim in the pool, taking a relaxing shower or exercising, waterproof plasters provide the protection you need, even in humid conditions. The special waterproof properties of these plasters ensure that they remain firmly in place, even if they come into contact with water. This means that you can enjoy your daily activities without worrying about your patch coming off or losing its stickiness. With the water-repellent plasters, make sure that you can always stay active and that the injury does not get in your way.

Water-repellent plasters for use in the water or in the shower

Whether you are a swimming enthusiast, regularly take a shower or are active in humid environments, water-repellent plasters are your ideal companion. They are designed to keep water out and protect the wound from external influences. Thanks to their durability and adhesive strength, you don't have to worry about the patches coming off, even if they get wet. In addition, these water-repellent plasters are easy to cut to size, so you can adapt them to the size of the wound. This way you get the perfect fit and protection, even in hard-to-reach places.

Why choose water-repellent plasters?

Water repellent plasters are much more than just plasters; they are your guarantee of comfort and protection in humid environments. They allow you to continue with your daily activities without the inconvenience of loose plasters or reduced adhesive strength. They are an indispensable part of your first aid kit, both at home and on the go. Whether you're exercising, swimming, or just enjoying a relaxing shower, water-repellent plasters keep your wounds dry and protected. Always have waterproof bandages on hand to enjoy life without compromise. Buy your waterproof plasters now and stay active and protected, whatever the conditions.


  • Contents: 20 piece assortment
  • Polyethylene plasters
  • Air permeable
  • Latex free
  • Hypoallergenic patches
  • Absorbent for minor injuries
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