Wound plaster 120x20mm long model 15 pieces

Wound plaster 120x20mm long model 15 pieces

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These extra long plasters are very suitable for all kinds of wounds. They are very easy.......

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Buy wound plasters? Discover the benefits of non-woven plasters!

Why non-woven plasters?

When it comes to caring for wounds, you only want the best for you and your loved ones. That is why non-woven plasters are an excellent choice for protecting and healing wounds. These plasters offer numerous advantages that make them indispensable in your first aid stock.

Non-woven plasters, such as the HEKA plasters, are made of soft and flexible material that lies comfortably on the skin. This makes them ideal for sensitive skin types and for use on children and adults. The patches adhere firmly to the skin without the risk of irritation or allergic reactions.

In addition, non-woven plasters are breathable, which promotes wound healing. The plasters allow air to circulate around the wound, which speeds up the natural healing process and reduces the risk of infection. With non-woven plasters you can rest assured that your wounds are well protected while allowing them to breathe.

These versatile plasters are suitable for use with the plaster dispenser PL1010, making them perfect for use in professional environments, such as companies, schools, sports clubs and more. Thanks to the dispenser you always have quick and easy access to the plasters, ready for any emergency.

Choose non-woven plasters for optimal wound care. With their skin-friendly and breathable properties, non-woven plasters are the ideal choice for treating wounds and cuts. Take care of yourself and others with the reliable protection of non-woven plasters. HEKA plasters are there to support you in life's small and big challenges. Be prepared for any situation with the high-quality non-woven plasters. Invest in your well-being and buy plasters that put your health first. With HEKA plasters you can count on quality and care for every wound.

Which types of HEKA plasters are available for the plaster dispenser?

The HEKA plasters contain different types and sizes of plasters that are suitable for the PL1010 or PL2010 plaster dispenser. Below is a summary of the type and number of plasters:

  • PL1011: 25 x Wound plaster 72 x 19 mm
  • PL1012: 25 x Wound plaster 72 x 25 mm
  • PL1013: 25 x Wound plaster 72 x 45 mm
  • PL1014: 15 x Wound plaster 120 x 20 mm (Long finger plaster)

There are special HACCP blue plasters for the food industry. These plasters are suitable for plaster dispenser PL2010:

  • PL2011: 25 x Wound plaster HACCP 72 x 19 mm
  • PL2012: 25 x Wound plaster HACCP 72 x 25 mm
  • PL2013: 25 x Wound plaster HACCP 50 x 45 mm (Butterfly plaster, for easy around phalanges)
  • PL0333: 15 x Wound plaster HACCP 180 x 20 mm (Long finger plaster)


  • Size: 120 x 20mm
  • Contents: 25 pieces
  • Material: Non Woven
120 x 20 mm
van Heek Medical
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