Wondpleister Elastisch lang 180x20mm model in ABS kit 100 stuks

Wound plaster Elastic long 180x20mm model in ABS kit 100 pieces

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Product properties Kit with elastic long finger plaster Special fo......


Buy finger plasters? Choose textile finger plasters!

Why textile finger plasters?

When it comes to caring for finger wounds, textile finger plasters are a smart choice. These plasters offer the perfect combination of soft comfort and reliable protection. With their high-quality textile material, they are ideal for sensitive skin, allowing you to treat minor wounds on your fingertips with confidence.

The hypoallergenic textile material of the finger patches is gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation. Thanks to the good adhesion, the plasters remain firmly in place, even with movement, so that your wounds are well protected during everyday activities. Textile finger plasters are breathable, allowing air to circulate around the wound. This promotes the natural healing process and helps prevent infections. With textile finger plasters you don't have to worry about suffocated fingertips - they provide the optimal environment for a quick recovery.

Where do I need a finger plaster?

Finger injuries can happen anywhere, whether you're doing household chores at home, gardening, cooking, or doing crafts. A minor cut, scrape, or sore fingertip can happen quickly. With textile finger plasters you are always prepared for these little accidents.

In addition, textile finger plasters are useful to take with you during outdoor activities, when traveling, during sporting events and in the car. They fit easily into your first aid kit or first aid kit, ready for when you need them.

Sanaplast long finger plasters are easy to apply and stick well to the skin. The hypoallergenic patches are latex-free and ensure that no skin rashes develop when used. Use the finger plasters in the office, warehouse or in healthcare and construction.

Why keep plasters dust-free and moisture-free?

1. Retain adhesive strength

Dust and moisture can reduce the adhesive strength of plasters. If plasters do not stick properly, they cannot effectively stay in place and protect the wound. By keeping plasters dust-free and moisture-free, they retain their adhesive strength and can do their job optimally.

2. Hygiene

Dust and moisture can attract and trap bacteria and other contaminants. If plasters come into contact with these contaminants, they may aggravate rather than prevent wound infection. By keeping plasters in a clean, dust-free and moisture-free environment, you minimize the risk of infection.

3. Longer shelf life

Plasters exposed to moisture and dust can change their structure and composition, making them less effective and shortening their shelf life. Proper storage of plasters will keep them in optimal condition for longer and allow you to use them when needed.

4. Immediate availability

In emergency situations it is very important that plasters are readily available and in good condition. If you store plasters free of dust and moisture, you can be confident that they are ready to use, without having to clean them first or check them for damage.

5. Effective wound care

By storing plasters free of dust and moisture, you ensure that you always create the best conditions for effective wound care. You can rest assured that the plasters are clean and intact so that they can do their job properly and contribute to a speedy recovery.

Product Features

  • Elastic long finger patch
  • Especially for moving body parts
  • Stays in place during movement
  • Air permeable
  • Material: Elastic textile
  • Hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive
  • Highly absorbent and non-adherent wound pad
  • Size: 180 x 20mm
  • Contents: 100 pieces

Product Features

  • Kit with elastic long finger plaster
  • Especially for moving body parts
  • Stays in place during movement
  • Hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive
  • Highly absorbent and non-adherent wound pad
  • Air permeable
180 x 20 mm
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