Sterillium dosing pump for 500ml

Sterillium dosing pump for 500ml

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Dosing pump for 500ml Sterillium Hand Disinfection.........


Buy Sterillium dosing pump? Easy and hygienic dosing with Sterillium!

Do you want to make using Sterillium even easier and more hygienic? Then the Sterillium dosing pump is the perfect addition to your hand disinfectant. You can buy the Sterillium dosing pump from us, with which you can quickly and accurately dose the right amount of Sterillium. Find out when you need Sterillium and how to use the dosing pump.

When do I need Sterillium?

Sterillium is a powerful hand sanitizer that effectively kills bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. You need Sterillium in the following situations:

  • Before and after preparing food, to prevent food-related infections.
  • After a visit to the toilet, to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Before and after caring for wounds, to prevent infections.
  • During seasons when infectious diseases are common, such as flu season.
  • In public places, such as public transport, shops and offices, where you regularly come into contact with different surfaces and other people.

By regularly using Sterillium, you protect yourself and others against infections and you contribute to a hygienic environment.

How do I use the Sterillium dosing pump?

The Sterillium dosing pump makes dosing Sterillium even easier. Follow these steps to use the dosing pump:

  1. Place the dosing pump on the bottle of Sterillium.
  2. Firmly press the pump with your palm to dispense the desired amount of Sterillium.
  3. Carefully rub your hands together for 30 seconds, not forgetting the space between your fingers, your thumbs, and the backs of your hands.
  4. Make sure your hands are completely covered with Sterillium.
  5. Keep rubbing until your hands are dry.

With the Sterillium dosing pump you no longer have to mess with pouring Sterillium. The dosing pump ensures accurate dosing, so you can always use the right amount.

Order the Sterillium dosing pump today and make the use of Sterillium even more convenient and hygienic!

  • Only suitable for Sterillium 500ml bottle.
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