Hansaplast Universeel 30 x 72 mm 100st.

Hansaplast Universal 30 x 72 mm 100 pcs.

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Hansaplast Universal finger plasters - Tailor-made protection for every finger injury

For those unexpected moments when a small accident threatens to disrupt your day, Hansaplast Universal Finger Plasters are your reliable companion. These finger plasters are specially designed to be comfortable and effective for all kinds of finger wounds. The hansaplast 30 x 72 mm plasters for the injury on any finger size.

The advantages of Hansaplast Universal finger plasters

Hansaplast Universal finger plasters offer a range of benefits that give you peace of mind in wound care. The universal design makes them suitable for all fingers, so you can easily apply the plaster regardless of the size of the wound. This means targeted protection for every situation. The water-repellent property of Hansaplast Universal Finger Plasters ensures that they remain in place, even when exposed to moisture. This makes them ideal for everyday use and for situations where you come into contact with water. You can rely on reliable protection, whatever the conditions.

Why Hansaplast?

Hansaplast has a long history of quality and innovation in wound care. With years of experience, Hansaplast is a name that stands for reliability, both for professionals and individuals. The brand is respected for its continued commitment to quality materials and advanced technologies. Hansaplast continues to lead the way thanks to continuous product development and research. This means that when you choose Hansaplast, you choose advanced wound care that results in optimal healing and protection, specially designed for finger wounds.

How do I use Hansaplast Universal finger plasters?

The use of Hansaplast Universal Finger Plasters is simple and effective. Start by cleaning and drying the wound area. Carefully remove the protective backing from the plaster strip to expose the adhesive side. Place the finger patch over the wound on your finger and press firmly to ensure it adheres properly. Hansaplast Universal Finger Patches are suitable for daily use and can be worn safely during your daily activities. They provide targeted protection and are designed to stay comfortable, even when moving. Use the Hansaplast wound spray to clean the wound before using the plaster.

Recommendation for use:

  • For all types of minor wounds
  • For normal skin

Buy Hansaplast Universal finger plasters

Choose the versatile protection of Hansaplast Universal Finger Plasters and order today. With their universal design and water-repellent property, they are the ideal choice for finger wound care, always ready to protect your fingers. Rely on Hansaplast for effective and comfortable wound care, whatever the situation. With Hansaplast Universal Finger Plasters you can always count on reliable protection, wherever you go.

Specifications Hansaplast universal 30 x 72 mm plasters

  • Patch size: 30 x 72 mm
  • Water resistant
  • Reliable adhesive strength
  • Resistant to moisture & dirt
  • Contents: 100 pieces
30 x 72 mm
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Hansaplast Universal
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