Plaster HACCP roll blue detectable PE 5m x 6cm

Plaster HACCP roll blue detectable PE 5m x 6cm

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A handy HACCP plaster roll dispenser with which you can easily and quickly cut plasters.


Buy blue plaster roll? Blue plasters for the food industry and catering industry

Plaster roll of 5 meters for Easy Care

With the blue plaster roll of 5 meters you get a versatile and handy solution for quick wound care. This roll is easy to cut to size, meaning you always have the right length of bandage for every wound. Whether you have minor cuts, scrapes or other superficial injuries, this plaster roll is an indispensable part of your first aid kit.

When and where do I need blue plasters?

Blue plasters are ideal for use in environments where hygiene and safety are paramount. Think of the catering industry, food processing companies and other environments where the HACCP guidelines must be followed. The striking blue color makes these patches highly visible even on dark surfaces, facilitating compliance with food safety standards.

  1. Catering: Restaurants, cafes, hotels and other eateries must comply with strict hygiene regulations to ensure food safety. Blue patches help with this, as they are highly visible and easy to spot, even in a busy kitchen environment.

  2. Food Processing: Factories and companies that process and package food must comply with HACCP guidelines to ensure the quality and safety of food products. Blue plasters help prevent potential contamination and ensure a clean working environment.

  3. Healthcare: In healthcare settings such as hospitals and clinics, blue patches are used to differentiate between regular patches and those suitable for use in sensitive environments. They can help to meet hygiene requirements and reduce infection risks.

  4. Laboratories: In laboratories, both medical and scientific, it is important to maintain a clean and controlled environment. Blue plasters contribute to general hygiene and help to create a safe working environment.

  5. Production environments: In various production environments where hygiene and safety are of great importance, such as the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry and electronics assembly, blue plasters are used to prevent any contamination from affecting the products.

  6. Educational institutions: Schools, universities and childcare centers can use blue patches to quickly distinguish between first aid materials and regular dressings, while complying with hygiene standards.

Order Now and Ensure Safety and Hygiene

Add the blue plaster roll to your first aid supplies and ensure fast and effective wound care, where hygiene and safety are paramount. With the ability to easily cut the plasters to size and the striking blue color, you are always ready to intervene quickly in case of minor injuries. Order now and invest in high-quality blue plasters that meet the requirements of the HACCP guidelines and contribute to a safe and hygienic working environment.


  • Dimensions: 5 m x 6 cm
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Supplied in a handy dispenser
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water repellent
  • Produced latex-free
500 mm x 60 mm
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