HEKA First aid kit HACCP

HEKA First aid kit HACCP

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The HEKA first aid kit medimulti HACCP BHV is a blue ABS first aid kit, with fixed compartments, plexiglass inner flaps and comes with a wall bracket. This first aid kit is filled with products, according to the guidelines of the Orange Cross. The first aid kit is especially suitable for the catering and food industry. This case contains, among other things, blue plasters, with a detectable aluminum strip.

Dimensions: 32 x 22.5 x 12 cm


Need a first aid kit for the company, but you don't know which one fits well with the services you offer? The HACCP first aid kit for the latest standard of the Orange Cross is suitable for companies, organizations and associations. The 84-piece first aid kit has all the materials to provide first aid. Check out our industry checker now, in which you can see which first aid kit you need for your company, organization or association.

First aid kit HACCP blue

The HEKA first aid kit medimulti is suitable for: cafe, restaurant, (professional) kitchens, culinary (outdoor) activities, catering suppliers, food industry and the like. In addition, the contents of this suitcase also meet the guidelines of Het Oranje Kruis.

The difference with the red/orange First Aid Kit and the blue First Aid Kit is that only blue plaster, adhesive plasters and finger caps are added in the red first aid kits. In the blue first-aid kits, all bandages are blue. The blue HACCP first aid products contain metal particles, so that they can be detected better by, for example, a metal detector where food is used.

This first aid kit is made of impact-resistant and scratch-free ABS material and has a practical layout with plexiglass cover plates and an easy wall bracket. It is recommended to seal the case with a control sticker or pull tite . This way you know whether your suitcase is still complete and therefore meets the guidelines or whether you have to reorder the missing products.

Why a first aid kit for the catering industry?

Since 1995, the HACCP law (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is mandatory for companies that work with food. The European Union has established that every company that deals with food must comply with the latest guidelines of the HACCP regulations by, for example, having a first aid kit for the food industry at home or, for example, working with certain hygiene products such as disposable gloves and shoe covers. (Hygiene code catering)

Product specifications

  • First aid kit suitable for the catering and food industry
  • Made of impact-resistant and scratch-free ABS material
  • Dimensions are 32 x 22.5 x 12 cm and will be delivered including wall holder
  • The suitcase can be used up to 10 people

A possible addition to this first aid kit could be a Quickfix plaster dispenser HACCP . This way you don't have to open the emergency response kit as often. The most commonly used first aid products are plasters.

Food grade
32 x 23 x 13 cm
Wall holder
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Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.
Medical Device
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€ 30,00 - € 49,99

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