Oogspoelstation met 1 x 200ml Ph Neutr en 1 x 500ml 0.9% Sod.Chl

PLUM Eye Wash Station with 1 x 200ml Ph Neutr and 1 x 500ml 0.9% Sod.Chl

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Wallstation with 1 x 200 ml pH neutral and 1 x 500 ml Plum
eyewash solution, integrated.........


Wallstation with 1 x 200 ml pH neutral and 1 x 500 ml Plum
eye wash solution, integrated instructions and mirror.
Particularly suitable for workplaces where chemicals and loose particles can enter the eye
get. Even after rinsing with pH neutral, the rinsing is continued until the doctor's treatment
with Plum eyewash solution advised.
Including emergency eye plan.
Dim. wallstation (hxwxd):
290mm x 230mm x 80mm

Accidents involving harmful substances and particles
In the case of injuries caused by metal or wood chips, dust and dirt, etc., time is also an important aspect. Bee
these injuries can be prevented by the rapid use of the eye wash solution, which is harmful
particles get stuck in the eye and cause serious eye damage.

In case of accidents involving acids and alkalis, the damage to the eye begins as soon as the harmful substance enters the eye
contact with the eye.
We recommend the use of the pH neutral solution here. This product contains a sterile phosphate solution (4.9%), which
ensures rapid neutralization of the harmful substance, so that the natural pH value in the eye of 7.4 again
is reached.

Flexible system solutions
The wide range offers the optimal solution for every specific business situation. The products can
are supplied separately, including wall bracket or as complete stations in different sizes and suitable for
mounting on the wall. Ideal for e.g. workshops and for in vehicles, toolboxes, first aid kits,
or take it with you in the special Plum waist bag.
Sterile and hygienic
Unopened, the liquid has a shelf life of up to 3 years. No maintenance or cleaning of the bottles is necessary. The best before date is stated on the label.

Quick and easy to use
In case of an accident, rinse the eye or
the body in just a few seconds. The clear instructions for use and illustrations are stated on the label.

High functionality
The ergonomically shaped eyecup fits snugly on the eye and ensures a gentle and even flush.
A CE certification in accordance with the requirements for medical instruments. The bottles meet the DIN 1293 standard.

Sodium Chloride 0.9%
pH Neutraal
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